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Cool Services LTD

Company “Cool Services” LTD provides this recommendation to advertising agency “Impulse Media” LTD in its capacity of a client for maintaining the advertising in Google AdWords.
During our joint work the team of Impulse Media was successful in optimizing for a short term all parameters of our advertising in Google Adwords without increasing the established monthly budget. As a result of their work and the maintenance of good feedback we achieved an improvement of the comprehensive effectiveness of our company and increase of the number of orders through the advertised website (http://www.cclean-bg.com).
We believe that the Impulse Media team consists of specialists that have extensive experience and are well aware of our needs and know how to achieve the targets defined by us.
We have excellent impressions from the professional and personal qualities of the team and we would like to recommend them to everyone that would like to get professional advertising in the Internet.