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Orthopaedics and traumatology centre – Doctor Kinov

Orthopaedics and traumatology centre – Doctor Kinov
It was great pleasure meeting and working with Hristo Mitkov, Impulse Media.
A colleague of his from the advertising business and marketing introduced us by chance. But that very moment I felt I had the pleasure of meeting a great professional and human being. This first impression proved right over and over again during our fruitful work. He demonstrated in-depth understanding of the essence of the Internet advertising and the web design. But more importantly, we enjoyed our excellent relations and mutual trust that we built on the basis of the precision and trustworthiness in working, ethical attitude and discipline. This unexpected encounter proved to be essential for our operations and making our work popular as it is related to treating people with orthopaedic disorders. The contribution of Mr. Mitkov for providing better cares after the numerous ill people in our country proved to be enormous.
 It is pleasure working with Mr. Mitkov and Impulse Media and I intend continuing our cooperation and performance of our future projects.